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Dayton City Commissioner Darryl Fairchild asks President Donald Trump to "do something" or do not come to Dayton

CONTACT: Darryl Fairchild 

President Donald J. Trump
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Trump,

Before visiting Dayton, Ohio, you need to know something about us. We value people who clearly and consistently say what they mean - and more importantly, do what they say.

As a city commissioner, I had the privilege of being on the stage as we prayed and honored those who were killed on Sunday morning. You may have heard that the crowd became impatient listening to long statements from elected officials. The crowd's message was, and is, clear: Do Something!

You can do something today. You can demand that Congress put legislation on your desk mandating universal background checks, limiting magazine sizes, and expanding "red-flag laws." You can announce this demand here in Dayton.

And even while pushing Congress to do its part, you can begin to use the power of the Executive Branch to promote technologies and practices within the gun industry that will save lives. You can join mayors and police chiefs across America (including our mayor in Dayton) who are promoting state-of-the-art locks and other products that will prevent gun theft, suicides and the use of guns by unauthorized shooters. Some of those products are available now, while others will need significant federal R&D funding.

The first step is to hold a federal Gun Safety Tech Expo in Washington DC -- a large-scale version of the event organized earlier this year by public officials and law enforcement leaders in Wisconsin. You can announce the date here in Dayton.

We do not want to hear empty words. We want action! If you are not prepared to do something real, do not waste our time. Do not come to Dayton, Ohio.

Darryl Fairchild
Dayton City Commissioner


The resignation of Commissioner Joey William necessitates a special election. This election will be on May 8th! Darryl Fairchild is the only candidate that is known by voters, has a clear vision, a common sense plan, and is prepared to serve on day 1!

He asks for your support and vote on May 8th!

Fairchild for Dayton City Commission

A life-long Dayton resident and a leader who has advocated for the people of Dayton for decades, Darryl Fairchild knows that as a city we can do better. But improvements and the needed realignment of priorities require the right kind of leader. Darryl Fairchild is such a leader.

Darryl Fairchild knows Dayton intimately--its streets, its buildings, its sectors and, especially, its people. And he knows that our neighborhoods have been ignored for far too long.  As a City Commissioner, he will focus on improving our neighborhoods, ensuring that they get the attention they both need and deserve.  He will make sure that economic development downtown does not overshadow the need for improvements in our neighborhoods and that public money expended benefits all Daytonians, not just those of a higher income bracket. He will make sure that the elimination of blighted, abandoned properties becomes a higher priority, that more resources are devoted to programs for our city's youth, and that the alternative economy models growing in popularity in other U.S. cities are fully explored and considered in Dayton. 

A respected and experienced community leader, Fairchild will work hard to create jobs and make our neighborhoods places where people are proud to live and work and raise a family.

He asks for your support and your vote on May 8th.

You are invited to explore this website to find out more about Darryl Fairchild, the issues he will prioritize, and ways you can help him win a seat on City Commission.

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  • Paul Rice
    Thanks for your response. I classify myself as a Former-Christian. In a way, the Christian religion teaches us to wait for some fictional dude to “come back” and fix things that we can and should fix now. … I think we should retire Christianity and evolve to a Starfleet type civilization, globally. :-) You keep hopin’, Skippy. jk Let’s say that the Jesus came back 5 years ago and fully funded Starfleet and Starfleet Academy, and evolve. :-) Let’s call the New World Order, Starfleet! lol :-)
  • Darryl Fairchild
    @Paul Rice – yes I do. Every day at Dayton Children’s I see the power of prayer, compassion and empathy; how they make a difference in the lives of our patients, families and staff. I see their power to encourage, comfort, sustain. I believe that Jesus’ life and message about the transformative power of love is real and the only hope we have.
  • Paul Rice
    Do you still buy that “Jesus” crap? lol (I’m a Former UMC Christian)
  • Lonnie Didden
    I would like to learn more on Fairchild’s positions regarding protection of individual rights of religious conscience in the workplace, common sense reinforcement of 2nd Amendment rights, and making clear distinctions between lawful immigrants and non-citizens who have entered the USA illegally or who remain in the USA past the time granted them by law.
  • Tanner J Michels
    I would also like to hear what Fairchild’s stance on LGBTQ rights, immigration, and gun control in Dayton.
  • Rachel Coleman
    I would love to hear from candidate Fairchild about his positions on immigration and how he would approach immigration-related issues in our city. I would also like to hear his perspective on common sense gun control laws. Thank you.
  • John Mcafee
  • Rachel Magdalene
    Hi John, Thanks for reading our site and commenting! We love engaged visitors. I am afraid that we have a possible technical glitch. If one only reads the second paragraph, it certainly does appear that Darryl’s bio only goes to age 26. The first paragraph deals with more of Darryl’s adult life. It is possible that the site opened up on the second paragraph, leading to this impression. So sorry about that. We will try to correct.
  • John Bierman
    I really enjoyed viewing your campaign website, but was disappointed that Darryl’s bio seemed to stop at age 26. What has Darryl been doing personally & professionally since then?
  • Jeff John
  • David B. Sparks